Aural Orgasm

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JANE by Stark

They say music dictates your feeling. 

I am that feeling.

Inspired by a woman's body, JANE is crafted with the highest attention to detail. As with Emma, the side panels start out as a single mono-block and are molded to desired shape. 

Her airfoil-shaped body intuitively follows our special ARC system (Angle Reflection Cabinet system). 
JANE by Stark
In her exquisite representation, Jane speaks true and exemplary code of behavior.

Experience decent goosebumps.
Experience luxury beat.

JANE by Stark

There are no right angles, no perpendicular sidewalls enabling standing waves. JANE is unconventional and free.

The loudspeaker drivers are placed carefully in defined locations delivering maximum performance without compromising harmonic acoustics. 


2 way loudspeaker

1120mm x 348mm x 380mm

54 Kg (per pair)

Frequency Response:
38 Hz – 40 kHz (±3 dB)

90 dB

Nominal Impedance:
8 Ω

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  • JANE by StarkJANE by StarkJANE by Stark
  • JANE by StarkJANE by StarkJANE by Stark

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